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Now is the Time for Fleet Electrification

Transportation is now the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. While medium and heavy-duty trucks make up less than 5 percent of vehicles on the road, they account for over 20 percent of those emissions. And as levels continue to rise, the dangerous implications to our environment and our society are already being felt.

To help curb this trend, the demand for electrified vehicles has skyrocketed in recent years. But while more EVs are becoming available for consumers, there are few all-electric options that meet the demanding drive cycles, cost requirements and customization levels of commercial and municipal fleets. And even the most aggressive EV forecasts don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Already a leader in the space, XL Fleet (NYSE: XL) is providing immediate paths to fleet electrification that are custom designed to meet the needs of these highly specialized applications. Our customers have driven nearly 150 million miles with our hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric drive systems installed on their vans, pickups, box trucks, shuttle buses, ambulances and utility vehicles.

How is that possible? XL Fleet systems leverage the proven chassis of GM, Ford and other major vehicle manufacturers and add a custom-built electric powertrain that is installed during a second stage of manufacturing that most commercial fleet vehicles already go through. The result is a cleaner, more fuel efficient version of the same trusted vehicles that fleets have relied on for decades. It’s a solution that provides a much more streamlined path to electrification for a wider range of customers.


A Complete Range of Electrification Solutions

Choose your sustainability path
  • Hybrid Electric – Powered by regenerative braking, with self-sustaining charges and no charging infrastructure required. No range anxiety for the broadest range of short- and long-cycle applications. Improves MPG by up to 25% and reduces CO2 emissions by 20%.
  • Plug in Hybrid Electric – Regenerative braking with supplemental acceleration power from a plug-in battery that further extends its sustainability value while still leveraging the original powertrain. Improves MPG by up to 50% and reduces CO2 emissions by 33%.
  • Battery Electric – Zero emission, all electric powertrain options currently in development for an array of specialized applications on medium to heavy-duty fleet vehicle models.
  • Fleet Intelligence – Cloud-based vehicle connectivity platform providing a continuous link to millions of vehicle data points on fleet electrification and sustainability metrics.
  • Charging & Power Management – Current and future solutions for efficiently deploying and powering EV fleets, including charging infrastructure, power management and Electrification as a Service. 



Accelerate Your EV Transformation

Hybrid & Plug-in Hybrid Advantages

Hybrids and plug-in hybrids are helping propel the fleet industry into an all-electric future, with a number of advantages that can accelerate the adoption of battery electric vehicles as those technologies and supporting infrastructure continue to develop:

  • Immediate results with longer-term demand. Adopting commercial HEVs and PHEVs now can help drivers, maintenance teams and fleet managers become accustomed to operating and maintaining electrified vehicles immediately, creating further demand for electric powertrains down the road.
  • Strong installation and service capacity. Aftermarket electrification providers like XL Fleet have built comprehensive networks throughout North America where customers can buy, install and service their electrified vehicles from the same location – often from the same dealer or upfitter they’re already working with.
  • Greater charging efficiency with minimal infrastructure. A single EVSE station can often charge multiple plug-in hybrid vehicles in the same time required to fully charge an all-electric vehicle. This maximizes shift efficiency and can help defer costly power system upgrades needed to support a BEV fleet.

The Future is Now

As the commercial transportation industry slowly evolves to adapt to a future in which all-electric propulsion is the norm and not the exception, hybrid and plug-in hybrid fleet vehicles will remain an integral part of most fleets’ sustainability plans for the foreseeable future. Rather than waiting years for battery electric vehicles to become more broadly available and cost-competitive without incentives, these electrification options provide immediate sustainability value for fleets looking to replace older, gas- and diesel-powered vehicles right away. And even when all-electric options are available, hybrids and plug-in hybrids will continue to be better suited for a wider range of applications for many years. 

For over ten years, XL Fleet has provided commercial and municipal fleet managers with hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric drive solutions for a wide range of vehicles and applications. XL Fleet customers have driven nearly 150 million fleet miles with the company’s electrification systems installed on Class 2-6 vans, pickups, shuttle buses, delivery trucks and specialty vehicles from Ford, GMC, Chevrolet and Isuzu. XL Fleet’s hybrid systems are installed on some of the world’s largest and most successful commercial fleets, and the company’s plug-in hybrid electric drive technology was named one of TIME magazine’s best inventions of 2019.

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Electrification Without Limits

XL Fleet is focused on serving the unique electrification needs of the commercial fleet industry. With proven products on the road, a large and growing customer base and a robust strategy to scale the business, our vision is to become the world leader in fleet electrification. And we are well on our way toward achieving that goal.

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